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VoIP Systems

VoIP Systems

Choosing the Right VoIP Phone System

The right voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system can provide your small business with the communication capabilities necessary for success. However, choosing a VoIP phone system that meets your unique communication needs can be a complicated process. Because NP Information Systems understands this challenge, we provide a detailed assessment and summation of each phone system we feature. To review an individual system, please click on its respective panel above.

Choosing the Right VoIP Phone System Vendor

Choosing the right VoIP vendor for your small business is as important as choosing the right system. Each vendor provides a varying degree of services and quality, which can be the difference between your business experiencing effective communication or perpetual frustration. Below is list of fundamental questions you should ask before deciding on a vendor.


How much experience does the vendor have in VoIP? VoIP is quickly becoming a preferred communication tool in the business world, which has prompted numerous digital system providers to attempt to incorporate VoIP technology. However, VoIP requires IP network experience. For example, when a certified VoIP network engineer installs a VoIP phone system and integrates it with existing computers and applications, the functionality and user experience are dramatically better than if done by a non-certified technician.


How accessible is the vendor? A VoIP vendor's value is reduced if your small business cannot maintain consistent communication with them. Whether this is due to poor customer service or poor financial management that results in the vendor's failure, it is crucial to ensure that a potential vendor has the logistical capabilities and business philosophies that sustain a working partnership.


Does the vendor have integrity? VoIP phone system installations often require multi-step processes that necessitate systematic planning. Traditional phone vendors often conveniently forget hardware or software that the system requires until after a contract is signed. A VoIP vendor with integrity will provide an engineer who evaluates the entire project, and communicates and coordinates the necessary information and services before any financial agreement occurs.