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NPI Started as a programming company nearly 30 years ago, and we still have strong roots in custom programming.  

Database programming

Since its inception NPI has always done custom database programming.  We started with dBase and FoxPro, and while these databases are no longer popular NPI has continued to do custom programming for today’s databases like Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access and others.

Visual Accountmate modifications

NPI has a long standing relationship with Accountmate and we are still very active in working with customers to support, and modify their Visual Accountmate accounting system.  This includes modification of the accounting system itself along with creating custom reports, integration with web sites and more.

Switchvox custom programming

Digium Switchvox comes with a powerful API and NPI has created many custom applications and panels for clients using the Switchvox API.  Examples of these applications

  • Custom park panel that allows users to add notes to parked calls
  • Custom panel that displays queued calls and the voicemails of any user that opted out of the queue so they do not lose their place in line.
  • Push announcements out to end-user phones
  • Data lookup against inbound CID to determine call routing based on area code of caller.
  • Custom call handling to call users on a list until voicemail is deleted (Emergency after hours call)