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Network Support

NP Information Systems and Computer Network Support

NP Information Systems understands that many businesses seek new ways to reduce operating costs. In fact, due to current economic conditions, several companies no longer keep a full-time IT staff. However, if a server or network crashes, the costs associated with the emergency repair (including loss of productivity) will be considerably greater than the savings gained by ignoring the maintenance of the company's network.

NP Information Systems offers Pre-Scheduled Network Support. The cost of this support can be 33% less than server support, and significantly less expensive than keeping a full-time IT staff.

Half-day support rate - $450

  • Any type of work can be performed during scheduled support including projects
  • Any customer with scheduled weekly support will be assigned a team for support

Full day support rate - $825

  • Customers may opt for a single full day of support and receive additional savings
  • Full day support on a weekly basis can be divided into two half days at the full day rate

NPI’s focus would be on monitoring and maintaining critical system functions:

  • Antivirus
  • Event logs
  • Exchange Server
  • Email Utilities
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • System Patching
  • Backups
  • Windows Server

A business may not consider the functionality of these systems on a daily basis, but they are critical to the effective operation of any organization.

This support is scheduled to occur during working hours. Server and workstation restarts are conducted with no negligible disruption as the restarts are performed during non-working hours. Scheduling this support on a regular basis means that a business's systems and networks will be more closely monitored, which will result in a greater likelihood of discovering issues before they become significant.

There may be occasions for non-scheduled engineer visits, but with careful monitoring and maintenance these visits will be minimized.

Call us today for a free consultation! We can review your computer needs and advise you as to how NPI can help.