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Digium Switchvox Features

Digium Switchvox Features

What features does a small to mid-sized business need from its phone system to remain not only competitive, but to gain an advantage? Will "just another business phone" do? Switchvox UC Solution separates itself from the competition because of its unique features. Features that can help any small to mid-size business gain that necessary advantage.

  • Switchvox is easier to use - Users will need minor to no retraining to become adept with this system and administrators can quickly learn Switchvox's state-of-the-art interface that makes the system easy to manage.
  • Switchvox is smarter - Administrators can review detailed reporting information that Switchvox thoughtfully provides. Information such as caller, time of day, paused members, and abandoned, dropped, and redirected calls. Furthermore, Extend API now allows for further customization of Switchvox and for broader integration with third party applications.
  • Switchvox is more efficient - With detailed reporting, a business can promptly review what is occurring in all queues, which allows for continuous improvement of sales and customer service processes.
  • Switchvox is more organized - Thanks to how Switchvox organizes call information, a business can correlate data from the queue logs and reports, and review usage trends to better staff its queues and manage its system.

Switchvox provides numerous other system features (such as help notes and a new Extension Group option), which are all as easy to learn and manage as those previously mentioned. However, NP Information Systems does provide training for users and administrators, as with Switchvox there is no third party "phone guy." The system is so user-friendly that after minor instruction, those who use the system are the ones who manage both the hardware and software. By keeping these services in-house, a business can significantly reduce its phone system expenditures.

Digium Switchvox