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Digium Switchvox FAQ

Digium Switchvox FAQ

What are the licensing costs? Are there recurring costs?

Every user extension on your system needs a valid license (i.e. a subscription plan). Three different subscription plans are available depending on the desired type of support.


  • $50.00 per user
  • $10.00 renewal per user (annual)
  • Unlimited e-mail based support


  • $70.00 per user
  • $15.00 renewal per user (annual)
  • Unlimited e-mail based support
  • Unlimited business hours* phone support


  • $100.00 per user
  • $25.00 renewal per user (annual)
  • Unlimited e-mail based support
  • Unlimited business hours* phone support
  • 5 incidents of non-business hours* phone support

Can I use a softphone with Switchvox? If so, will I need a special license?

Yes, you can use softphones with Switchvox, and there are no special licensing requirements if you choose to do so. You will still need the Switchvox Silver, Gold, or Platinum licenses just as you would for any other extension. You can use any softphone that supports SIP. For example, X-lite by Counterpath would work. If you have Switchvox and need help configuring a softphone to register to your system, you can call our office at (253) 852-1543. We would be happy to assist you.

What is Switchvox?

Switchvox is a complete Public Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system that comes pre-installed and pre-configured with all of the features a business needs. Developed by Four Loop Technologies, Switchvox is a PBX that is positioned between the users of your business and the phone company that provides your circuits. Having Switchvox positioned in this manner allows your business to communicate more efficiently than if each user had a traditional phone.

What makes Switchvox different from other PBX systems?

System features, ease of use, simplicity of administration, and competitive pricing distinguish Switchvox. Most phone systems offer one or two versions with canned feature sets. With multiple versions to choose from in the SOHO an SMB models (each with their specific sets of features) and the ability to be customize, expand, or upgrade, Switchvox is certain to meet the needs of your business.

How can Switchvox save my business time and money?

  • Switchvox is designed to be administered internally, so you are not required to call the "phone guy" to make simple system changes. NPI provides complete training on these protocols.
  • Caller ID based response can be programmed into the system. For instance, when a call comes into the accounting department the caller ID information can trigger the accounting program to open that caller’s account record. This programmed response allows the accounting staff to quickly determine the status of the caller's account and not keep them waiting while they access their records. This makes for a better caller experience, which results in more satisfied customers.
  • The Auto-provisioning option for Polycom phones allows for expeditious phone additions. Plug the phone into the network, dial the extension you wish to assign to that phone, and after the phone reboots, you are done.

What size of small business benefits most from Switchvox?

Switchvox benefits small and mid-sized businesses (10 to 400 users). However, individual Switchvox systems can be expanded by linking systems either locally in a single facility or by connecting remote offices.

What features does Switchvox offer that go beyond a standard phone system?

One click call recording, barge in, whisper mode, drag and drop to transfer, user presence, virtual switchboard, and click to call, are just a few of the features that exceed a standard phone system's capabilities. That said, the best way to answer this question is to see a demo of Switchvox.

How does Switchvox benefit mobile information workers?

One benefit to the mobile worker is the use of softphones. For example, say a sales rep installs a softphone on their laptop and the soft phone has its own extension assigned to that sales person. Any time that sales person gains Internet access, the softphone registers on the network and can make and receive calls as if that sales person was in his or her office. Even the caller ID information will reflect your business, not the number associated with a cell phone or a borrowed landline. Also, other people in the office can transfer calls to this person just like they were sitting in their own office.

*Business hours are Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm PST.