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Digium Polycom

Explore Digium or Polycom Phones For Your Business With NPI

Digium or Polycom Phone Service With NPI

NPI provides services for 2 different phone systems, Digium and Polycom.  Both phone systems are high quality phones with ease of use, consistency, reliability and simple to use for technical and non-technical people alike.  NPI does not recommend any other phone system.

Digium is a mid-market phone system that runs on switchvox.  Digium phones are consistent and reliable.  It is a great phone system for 1 location businesses, but can consume a lot of bandwidth.

Polycom is a large market phone system that is great for multiple locations.  The sound quality is some of the best in the industry and is the gold standard for voip phones.  This system can be more expensive than digium.

Asterisks is the open source free program that runs many voip phone systems, including all of the phone systems that NPI installs.  NPI also provides other technical phone support, consulting support services, auditing and phone system design or architecture.

Small Business Digium Phones

(1 – 10 terminals)

  • Great for one office locations
  • Reliable and secure
  • Consistent audio quality
  • Can consume lots of data
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Medium-Sized Business Digium/Polycom

(10 – 50 terminals)

  • Great for single or multiple offices
  • Reliable and secure
  • Better or Best audio quality
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Large/Enterprise-Sized Business Polycom

(50+ Terminals)

  • Best audio quality on market
  • Great for large companies
  • Great for multiple locations
  • Reliable and secure
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