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Custom Asterisk Phone Systems

Custom Asterisk Phone Systems

With a strong and tenured background in IT, VoIP was a natural progression.  We saw that voice was just going to be another application on client’s networks.   Our strength in networking has allowed us to excel in VoIP and help customers, carriers, and peers deploy complex VoIP projects, along with integration with dissimilar systems.  Our services include design, implementation, support, and troubleshooting.

 Why would you buy a custom Asterisk System?There are several reasons why customers go with custom Asterisk systems.  One is cost.  The overage cost of an Asterisk system is much less than other systems, and the on-going cost is significantly lower. 

 Is Asterisk Easy to manage?One of the common myths regurgitated by competitors is “you have to have a Linux guru on staff to run Asterisk”.  This is simply not true…Asterisk is one of the more user friendly phone systems.  Many Asterisk phone systems have Moves Add Changes done by office managers.

 What makes NPI qualified to work with Asterisk?NPI has been working with Asterisk since 2004, and we have a highly competent staff of VoIP professionals.  Does that in itself mean we are qualified?  No, however the fact we have dCAP certified staff does.  Also NPI is a Digium Select partner and have a very strong relationship with Digium, the creators of Asterisk and the support they provide.

What packages does NPI support?

NPI has worked with several different variants of Asterisk.  We have worked with

  • AsteriskNOW
  • Elastix
  • Fonality (CE)

Our preference is AsteriskNOW as it is the package supported by Digium directly, however if you have an existing deployment NPI can help support other packages.

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